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The DMZ at Ryerson University

The DMZ at Ryerson University is a workplace designed for young entrepreneurs, infused with the energy and resources of downtown Toronto. It’s a place where students and alumni come to innovate, collaborate and market their products and services, and where commercial enterprises can turn to for progressive and creative digital solutions.

A unique characteristic about the DMZ is that it cultivates the idea of being a company within a company. The Zone leverages numerous REI programs including the StartMeUp Program, Ryerson Angel Network and experiential learning opportunities that nurture entrepreneurial ideas by giving new business creators information and advice on business planning, presenting, funding, patents, marketing and more.

Young people, by nature, possess an entrepreneurial spirit. They are driven to fill the gap between what they want and what is available. What they lack are the resources and experience that turn their ideas into reality. The DMZ provides them with a group of like-minded individuals for collaboration; the necessary overhead assistance which includes open, flexible workspace, equipment, utilities; services such as business plan counselling, mentoring, workshops, networking and industry showcasing, at no cost to the user. With significantly reduced start-up costs, entrepreneurs are able to focus on getting their product out the door and launch their own small businesses, at the same time.



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Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute
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