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Startup School

Ryerson University is Canada’s leader in entrepreneurship education. The Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute (REI) in partnership with the Ted Rogers School of Management, is excited to launch Startup School, Ryerson’s first just in time, modular learning series to support rising startups and Zone learning.

Startup School is practical education to complete the entrepreneur’s toolkit. Sessions are delivered by top industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. Additional content and assurances of learning are captured on the REI’s online learning platform.

Each semester, students and founders alike can take advantage of the 15 different, free modules that encompass cornerstone topics curated to accelerate startup’s growth. 

Complete details are available here:  http://launchzone.ryerson.ca/startup-school/

Opportunity Evaluation – Dr. Rafik Loutfy

This 2 hour module examines the process of opportunity identification for both start-up and existing business environments. It is designed to cultivate the mindset and skills required for students to engage in opportunity identification activities and make them part of their daily regiment in their personal and professional lives. The entrepreneurial process begins with the pursuit of a perceived opportunity. As such, the ability to identify a valid opportunity is paramount to the field of entrepreneurship.

Rafik Loutfy, chemical engineering professor, entrepreneur and former Xerox business executive, has been appointed the inaugural innovator-in-residence with the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science at Ryerson University. He has 32 U.S. patents to his credit and has published over 170 papers in referred journals. He is a dedicated graduate student supervisor, having overseen 100 master’s students who have created almost 30 start-up companies. Loutfy secured $3.3 million in seed funding for McMaster’s Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program for students to build proof-of-concept for their enterprise projects.

Business Plans 101 – Dr. Ken Grant

This introductory 2 hour seminar is designed to familiarize the student with the process of preparing a professional business plan for a new business venture. The preparation of the business plan will be built upon everything that has been learned to date in a broad range of business functions and will require a synthesis of this learning in a new and original setting. The course will provide the student with a real world opportunity to explore, investigate and develop an applied new business venture of personal interest.

Dr Kenneth A. Grant, BA, MBA, GDipMC, DBA, CMC, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy within the Ted Rogers School of Business Management. Prior to joining Ryerson, Dr Grant had an extensive career as a management consultant and industry executive in Canada and the UK. His consulting work has included business strategy Internet and e-business strategy, executive leadership and development and operations improvement.

(1)Business Models and the Lean Canvas – Dr Sean Wise

(2) Elevator Pitches and Investor Slideshows 

Dr. Sean Wise BA LLB MBA PHD specializes in helping emerging and high growth potential organizations jump on the trajectory and turn a profit. His intense, entertaining and direct approach has earned him a loyal following of disciples who swear by his lessons and best practices for business success. With 10 years of venture capital and more than 15 years of entrepreneurial services to his credit, Wise has helped found six business ventures of his own to date, the first at age 16. When seeking the best in business, CBC recruited him as online host and industry advisor for their hit show, Dragons’ Den.

Design Thinking – Steve Gedeon

Design Thinking is a major new evolution in teaching entrepreneurship, on a par with knowing the Lean Launchpad Method and the Business Model Canvas. It is a critical tool in implementing agile, rapid-prototyping, lean startup methods. Students will discover the power of this method to transform their thinking using this creative process to discover deeper insights and empathy with potential customers and more engaging user experiences. This hands-on Experiential Workshop will take place in the Student Learning Centre and is limited to only 50 pre-registered attendees.

Prof. Steven A. Gedeon, PhD (MIT), MS (MIT), MBA (UoT), BS (OSU), PE (US), PEng (Cnd) is a highly-regarded entrepreneurship educator and expert who has founded or led over a dozen private, public, venture capital and non-profit organizations; published over a hundred articles, reports and patents; and delivered several hundred public speaking engagements and on-line videos on personal leadership, success, motivation, negotiation, entrepreneurship, goal-setting, experiential learning and best practices in teaching.

Investor Term Sheets – Kobi Bessin

Kobi joined Minden Gross in 2010 and is an associate in the Business Law Group with a practice that focuses on corporate and commercial transactions with an emphasis on incorporation, organization and reorganization of companies, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. Kobi also works closely with start-up companies in all stages of their growth, especially through various start-up incubators and accelerators.

Startup Social Media 101 Jeremy Shtern

Want to know the best ways to leverage social media for your new business or business idea? If you haven’t used social media to market your products and services, you’re going to love how easy it is to get started. This module will show you how to make social media marketing work for you. Traditional marketing can be a drain on your funds. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is pretty low-cost and gives you a direct line to current and prospective customers. This hands-on Experiential Workshop will take place in the Student Learning Centre and is limited to only 50 pre-registered attendees.

Jeremy Shtern is an Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Industries at Ryerson University. He has contributed chapters and articles to a variety of publications on subjects ranging from Internet Governance at the WSIS to free/open source software. He has worked on initiatives experimenting with innovate uses of ICTs for citizen engagement: As research assistant at the Hansard Society e-democracy programme (UK) and as associate director of the byDesign eLab projects “A Dialogue on Foreign Policy” and “The Electronic Commons” (CAN).

Growth Hacking Getting To: 10,000 Users – Cristian Contreras

Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. In many cases Growth Hackers are simply good at using techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing which are already mainstream. In this 3 hour module learn from 3 founders how they built their customer base to over 10,000.

Cristian Contreras is the digital marketing manager at SiteScout and organizer of Growth Hacking Toronto. Cristian is a constant student of the value-growth engine, who thrives at the intersection of product strategy and digital marketing. He has worked with agencies, start ups and product companies to improve their market reach, strategic positioning, and disruptive potential. An honor graduate of Economics from the University of Toronto, Cristian has complemented this education with studies in Marketing, Product and Project Management. For his work, Cristian has been honored with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and by Member of Parliament Olivia Chow with the Trinity-Spadina Community Appreciation award.

Designing for Customers (Ux101) – Mustefa Jo’shen

This session will explore the intersection between Business, Product Strategy & User Experience Design to create compelling, delightful and engaging digital products for customers. The session will be broken down between the following topics & learning outcomes:

(a) Business + Design: You’re going to learn how Design thinking is applied to every aspect of your business modelling.

(b) Designing Your Product: We’re going to walk you through tUX’s framework for approaching product strategy in order to learn how you can ensure you meet both business and user objectives.

(c) UX/UI & Customer Joy: Design is an extremely broad term. You’re going to learn what specific skill sets & mindsets make an amazing digital product designer and what steps you can take to start down this career path.

This hands-on Experiential Workshop will take place in the Student Learning Centre and is limited to only 50 pre-registered attendees.

Mustefa Jo’shen is the Founder and Lead Designer of tailoredUX (tUX). tUX is a boutique agency that works with social impact startups to build their businesses through design. Prior to Founding tUX, Mustefa was engaged as a Product, UX/UI Designer for some of Toronto’s leading tech companies, including TWG, SD Elements and Tucows Inc. Mustefa’s passion for UX, Design & Start-ups is apparent through both the work he’s delivered as his community involvement through the Toronto UX Meetup group. tUX has worked with over 15 startups in just over a year, including companies like Akindi, ThinkData Works, Eye Carrot, Real Sociable and eQOL.

Funding your Startup – Dave Valliere

Don’t let a little thing like a lack of funds hold your startup ambitions back. Whether you’ve been in business one week or five years, an infusion of funds is always welcome. But what type of financing is best for your business? There are so many factors to consider–from the stage of your business to how much it’ll cost to get the money–that just choosing a path to follow can be overwhelming. This 3 hour session will help you get your head around: crowdfunding, government grants, angel investing, venture capital and debt finance.

Valliere has developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University since 2004, concentrating his efforts on entrepreneurship and business strategy. Valliere has also had a long and varied career in industry, working as a professional engineer and in IT management for a range of large and small companies for over 20 years.

100 ways to Bootstrap your Startup – Prof. Michael Carter

Bootstrapping 101 is for existing and wannabe small business owners. It also is for the experienced corporate person who is ready to make the plunge into starting his/her own business. It emphasizes proven, practical tips requiring little or no money and where and how to get free assistance. It shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed. It also steers them to free quality advice.

Michael Carter (Hon. BA, University of Western Ontario; Post-Graduate Certificate in Computer Graphics, Sheridan College; Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Animation, Sheridan College; MEd, University of Toronto) developed and taught college and undergraduate courses in digital media, animation, film and television production, and computer graphics, and maintained a successful 17-year career in the film and television business as a producer, executive producer, and executive. Two recent projects include the creation of the undergraduate Optional Specialization in Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation (DSP) and the new graduate Master’s in Digital Media (MDM).

Startup Accounting 101 – Dennis Ensing

Scared of accounting? Most startup founders are! This module is a simpe guide to startup accounting. No scary manual, no complicated accounting jargon, and no stress— just some simple knowledge to help you out. In this module you’ll learn helpful information, like why accounting matters to you, when to call your accountant up, what intimidating terms mean in plain English, and a lot more.

Dennis Ensing (CA, CBV) has over 20 years of hands-on experience in finance, operations, planning and reporting. Dennis is currently CFO for TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), a digital media company he helped start that is a leader in the exploding cloud-based video game market. He has been involved in over $100 million of financing and M&A transactions in the past ten years through his counsel on strategic transactions, financing and fund-raising options for various companies.

Startup School

Startup School

Startup School

Startup School

Startup School

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