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StartMeUp (SMU) is a project designed to foster the culture of entrepreneurship in Toronto, and aims to start and expand businesses while offering co-curricular development opportunities to its members. We offer series of events and initiatives equipping participants, with an arsenal of educational content, resource consultations, and opportunities for collaboration and meaningful connections for innovation & business creation.

In addition to the 65+ events, workshops, and available funding consultations, a comprehensive mentorship program is delivered to participants on demand, free, modular, and high-touch to empower first time entrepreneurs. Mentors receive personal and professional development from building mutually transformative relationships with every entrepreneur they work with.

Entrepreneurs undergo a needs assessment and receive customized support. The program targets participants in the ideation phase to help validate their idea, work towards a scalable business model, and learn from their findings so they can build smarter. Mentors pull from a knowledge bank of 10+ cornerstone entrepreneurship education topics provided in support by the REI. They also coach participants to develop soft skills such as pitching or professional communication. We believe that validated learning drives progress regardless of the success or failures of the ideas.

As a resident organization in Canada’s number one University Business Incubator, the Digital Media Zone, SMU is enabling students to seize experiential learning opportunities. Since helping launch and grow the Zone in 2010, SMU continues as the conduit for students and their ventures applying to the space. SMU works to infuse the Ryerson ecosystem and Toronto start-up community with collaborative innovation for economic development.

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Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute
575 Bay Street (entrance at 55 Dundas West) Room TRS 1-007
Toronto, ON M5G 2C5
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext 7085
Email us at info@ryersonentinstitute.org