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APE Bootcamp Overview

The APE Bootcamp is a unique experiential learning opportunity combining Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking hosted each year in Munich, Germany. In partnership with the Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship and Strategy department at the Ted Rogers School of Management we are providing students with a transformative entrepreneurial experience while working abroad in a week-long intensive program. The Design Thinking methodology is human-centric, focusing on thoroughly understanding the end user, creating new experiences and designing innovative business strategies and models. Students will learn the latest in design thinking, lean start-up, change making and business model canvas in a multi-disciplinary format.

APE Bootcamp March 2016




APE follows a structured process in all projects. The methods combine elements from Design Thinking and the Lean Startup approach. A variety of tools are introduced for every process step and applied to projects right away.


Student Testimonials from APE Bootcamp 2016

“The beauty of design thinking is that it’s not just for entrepreneurs or those looking to start a business. Anyone – in the workplace, students, professionals, etc. – can use the design thinking methodology to innovate existing processes to gain different perspectives on a problem or projects.” –  Ambreen Khan


“During the APE Bootcamp, I truly experienced the difference in culture while working in a diverse team. Understanding how people from different countries work and adapting to their working style was a learning curve and the highlight of my trip.” – Ali Siddiqui


Click here: To learn more about the previous cohort of students that attended the APE bootcamp 


How to apply?

In order to be eligible students must be in their 3rd or 4th year of the Entrepreneurship and Strategy program at Ryerson University and must complete 5 modules from the Ryerson Entrepreneur Insitute’s Online learning platform.

We have two application deadlines. The final application deadline is TBD this year. Preliminary deadline applications will be considered for early acceptance, which includes a scholarship covering the tuition costs.


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