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Project – Growing North

Growing North’s mission is to provide fresh, locally grown produce to families in northern Canada. It is designed to empower Inuit individuals through the construction of a geodesic greenhouse dome and the delivery of education. Northern communities pay on average 3 times more for everyday vegetables and herbs, and with temperatures averaging below negative 20, food is nearly impossible to grow outdoors. This leaves only inefficient and costly methods of transporting produce into this part of our country. 60% of parents have reported not being able to feed their children for an entire day, as the cost of food is too high. In addition, 35.1% of Nunavut lives in severe food insecurity.

Naujaat, an isolated community in Naujaat, is our first stop in solving northern food insecurity. We aim to address their needs through a geodesic greenhouse dome, which will not only provide the community with fresh locally-grown produce, but also introduce economic opportunities across the whole community.

Once we establish our model in Naujaat, ensuring trust, education, and profitability for the community, we can build these geodesic greenhouse domes in every northern community, in order to make healthy, locally grown produce available throughout northern Canada.

The Team

  • Stefany Nieto
  • Benjamin Canning
  • Savreen Gosal
  • Aisha Chaudhry
  • Lisa Mancuso
  • Jahnvi Johri

Participants’ Empowerment

  • Lower food insecurity
  • Business education
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Financial literacy education
  • Horticulture education
  • Self-empowerment

Member empowerment

  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Creating educational content (entrepreneurship, financial literacy, business, and horticulture)
  • Real world work experience
  • Self-empowerment

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