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Office Space

Large office Space(1-007) with complete computing, printing, telecommunication infrastructure, advanced videography, and editing capability, refrigerator and storage.


Legal Structure

Legal structure with which a student’s extra or co-curricular project can raise funds, engage in contracts, own assets, hire employees, and apply for government contracts through formal Ryerson University systems authorizations and insurance.


Online Learning Platform

Online Learning Platform by students for students. These are short 10-30 min course modules that are designed to help students learn what they need while working on their projects – developing skills like time management, networking or how to run a meeting.


Personal Development Plan

Ability to create a personal development plan for maximizing the value gained during your extra-curricular entrepreneurial project experience.


Co-curricular Credit

  • ENT 727
  • BUS 720

Experiential Learning Program

  • Work-Study Program
  • Summer Experiential Learning Program


  • Apply to submit a project idea!
  • Apply to be a student member
  • Apply for the Experimental Learning Program

To apply please email info@entrepreneurinstitute.ca

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Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute
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