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Ryerson ENT 56A/B – New Venture Startup


    This is a two-semester deeply experiential and transformative learning experience for Entrepreneurship Majors. Students work in a team to develop hands-on skills within Toronto’s entrepreneurship eco-system. This group project may be a new company, social innovation, or intrapreneurship within an existing venture. Individually, students deepen their entrepreneurial skills to deliver an Individual Opportunity Portfolio and an Individual Business Plan suitable for a potential new venture during their Capstone ENT 78AB course.


    ENT 56A/B is a contiguous two-semester course where you will be expected to join and maintain membership in a team throughout both semesters. There are three main components of this course:

    1. Team Project – you will go through the new venture startup process to hone your lean agile design method skills. You will start with a significant aspirational opportunity (e.g. new technology patent, intrapreneurial opportunity, or social challenge) and discover and implement a viable business model to start a new venture. This team-based project will form the backbone of your weekly assignments and coaching-based teaching pedagogy.
    2. Opportunity Portfolio – individually, you will build on the opportunity spotting skills learned in ENT 601 to develop your own personal life-long learning plan to acquire domain expertise and generate a portfolio of potential new venture opportunities.
    3. Individual Business Plan – you will analyze your opportunity portfolio, select one, and individually go through the new venture startup process learned during the team project. The final deliverable will be an individual business plan that is potentially suitable for implementation during ENT 78AB.


    It is intended that this course will help you acquire and practice the key skills and competencies required to be an entrepreneur and/or intrapreneur. It is an intensive experiential learning course where you will be expected to work a significant number of hours gaining hands-on experience outside of class.

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